Our Story of transforming Lives

Driven by an unwavering passion for mental health, Dr. Rixon has dedicated his entire life to this vital cause. It all began with a humble counseling center in Kochi, but the roots of his commitment reach far deeper. In his youth, Rixon was actively involved in volunteering for organizations dedicated to rehabilitating mentally challenged individuals who had been abandoned and marginalized by society.

In an extraordinary display of dedication, Rixon embarked on a profound journey, covering the length of Kerala from its northernmost reaches to the southern tip, entirely on foot. 

His purpose was crystal clear: to gain firsthand insight into the challenges faced by those abandoned and left without care. These experiences left an indelible mark on him, reinforcing his unyielding commitment to the mission of mental health.

His vision was crystal clear—to provide comprehensive mental health services that encompassed not only counseling and psychotherapy but also a full spectrum of specialized care. Understanding the intricate nature of mental health, he assembled a team of professionals, including psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, child psychologists, and yoga mindfulness experts.

The cornerstone of our journey was built upon the belief that mental health care is a collaborative effort. Dr. Rixon also recognized the importance of time, genuine interest, and unwavering commitment in delivering high-quality care. Every client deserved undivided attention and a sincere commitment to their well-being.

With the initial team successfully running the clinic, the dream of establishing a center with premium facilities for psychological care was born.

This mission was guided by three essential pillars:

Premium Infrastructural Facilities: We aimed to provide a therapeutic environment where individuals could feel comfortable and secure.

Customized Evidence-Based Approaches: We understood that one size does not fit all in mental health. Our mission was to integrate evidence-based approaches while tailoring them to meet the unique needs of each client.

Premium Care by Experts: Our commitment was to assemble a team of highly qualified and experienced mental health professionals who would provide top-tier care.

Our goal was to create an environment free from the clinical atmosphere, where no one would feel like just another patient. We envisioned a welcoming space where people could openly engage with our experts without the fear of stigma or judgment. Furthermore, our services would be outcome-oriented; clients should leave our care with tangible benefits.

In 2017, we transformed this vision into reality by establishing the Mibo Health and Happiness Care in Kochi. The name “Mibo” reflects our commitment to the interconnectedness of mind and body. We obtained trademark registration for our name and have been successfully operating ever since. With five years of experience, Mibo Health and Happiness Care has emerged as the leading destination for mental health services in Kerala. Our team of psychologists, psychiatrists, and other experts has consistently delivered exceptional care.

In 2021, we were honored with the Best Mental Health Establishment in Kerala Award, a testament to our dedication.

Building on this success, our team unveiled an ambitious plan in 2022—a comprehensive mental health care facility with residential care options in Bangalore and Mumbai. In line with our vision, we have also incorporated a new company for international services in England, United Kingdom, marking our international center for new developments. By 2023, we successfully realized this project in Bangalore and are actively working on making it a reality in Mumbai.

Our journey continues,

Fueled by our commitment to mental health and a profound sense of responsibility to those seeking our support. We remain dedicated to providing premium, personalized, and outcome-oriented mental health care for all.

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